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DEMel - Diccionario del Español Medieval electrónico

The Diccionario del Español Medieval electrónico (DEMel) is a semantically pre-structured and lemmatized database dedicated to the Medieval Spanish. The basis is the digitized archive of the Diccionario del Español Medieval (DEM), which was discontinued at the end of 2007 for financial reasons. With more than 600 literary and non-literary works or collections of texts and documents as sources, the material represents the Spanish vocabulary from the 10th to the beginning of the 15th century. In total, the database contains about 650,000 attestations of more than 31,000 lemmas.

Imagen de apertura del Libro de los dados,
en el Libro de los juegos, Ms. T-I-6, RBME, fol. 65r.


The DEMel web application is divided into the following pages:

The Introduction supplies background information on the DEM, a detailed project documentation on DEMel, and a user manual for the web application.

The menue items Lemmas, Attestations and Bibliography provide access to the database:

  • The page Lemmas offers the possibility to make specific queries within the Medieval Spanish lemmas.
  • In the Attestations, all attestations recorded during the project DEMel are displayed in tabular form and can be searched.
  • The Bibliography includes all sources used in the DEMel.

The Digitized Archive makes it possible to browse through the scans of all paper slips, as they were arranged in the original DEM boxes. It thereby provides insight into the boxes that are not included in the database (e.g. bibliographic material and onomastics).

Digitized Archive