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Citation of DEMel

If you want to refer to the entire DEMel, the following citation is recommended:

Diccionario del Español Medieval electrónico (DEMel). Published by Rafael Arnold and Jutta Langenbacher-Liebgott on the basis of the archive of the Diccionario del español medieval by Bodo Müller (Heidelberg), in collaboration with Anna-Susan Franke, Karsten Labahn, Caroline Müller, Martin Reiter, Stefan Serafin and Robert Stephan. University of Rostock and University of Paderborn, 2022-,


Citation of specific objects

All lemmas, attestations, bibliographic entries, scans and boxes have a permanent link in the form of a Persistent Uniform Resource Locator (PURL) that ensures its permanent findability. It can be accessed by clicking on the link symbol ( ) next to the corresponding object. You will also get the information how to cite this particular object.